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I have finally get rid of my sleeping problem after I switches to the StatFree mattress, having a good night’s sleep has been made possible.“I barely know about body static and the negative effects it brings to our body before I was introduced to StatFree. It always takes me a long time tossing and turning before I can get into sleep. Even after falling asleep, I tend to wake up several times throughout the night.”“I have slept better ever since I started using Goodnite StatFree mattress as it enables me to rest well and replenishes my energy for the next day.”“I am an athlete and always suffer from muscle pain. But with the right comfort level of the mattress, it allows me to relax my muscles and immerse myself in a restful sleep without tossing and turning.”
Goh Liu Ying
Player of the national badminton team
I have been sleeping on a regular mattress for more than seven years and have no preferences on the type of mattress. It never came to my mind that the type of mattress matters to achieve quality sleep. Apart from that, I have never thought that a mattress could reduce body static. I used to be prone to static shocks even by just pressing on the lift button. The amount of body static is inevitable having to be around electrical equipment all the time. After being introduced to the StatFree® mattress less than a month ago, not only I can have quality sleep comfortably but it also reduces the static shocks drastically.
Ryon Lee
Film Director
Sufficient sleep is essential for everyone. Compared to the mattresses I slept on previously, it made a huge difference at the first try on the StatFree® mattress, which is extremely comfortable. As my sleeping hours has to accommodate my inconsistent work schedule, quality sleep for me is very precious. Besides, I never knew that I could rely on a mattress to relax my mind but the StatFree® mattress did it well and I trust it is the anti-static feature which is doing the trick to drain all negative energies from me. Now my bed is the first thing that pops into my mind when I’m totally drained out after a long day. Best of all, I wake up to a refreshing morning, both physically and mentally ready for a brand new everyday.
Ernest Chong
Quality sleep is always one thing that I wanted to fit into my tight schedule. It is no longer just a thought now that I have the StatFree® mattress to accommodate my limited sleeping hours. It provides me with a comfortable texture and just-right softness, as though it is custom-made just for me. Every night is a good night’s sleep which I can immerse myself to a comfortable quality sleep almost instantly. I used to feel moody when I wake up but now I felt recharged every morning. I believe it is the anti-static feature that is improving my sleep. Also I cannot recall my last static shock. All I can say is that having the Statfree mattress is definitely a perfect choice.
Teddy Chin
My profession does not allow consistent sleep but since I switched to StatFree® mattress, I tend to wake up earlier feeling energetic with the same amount of sleep. It has just the right firmness, neither too soft nor too hard, which enables the overall body to immerse into total rejuvenation. In addition to quality sleep, the mattress provides both comfort and back support, ideal to improve spine’s condition by keeping it in alignment. I would definitely recommend to those with back or spine problems as well as post-op patients.
Dr. Lye Jun Xiong
Orthopedic Doctor
I do not have a proper sleeping routine due to my profession which requires irregular working hours. Besides, I often have difficulty falling asleep and when I do, it will be at least an hour after tossing and turning in bed trying to get into a comfortable position. Eventhough after falling asleep, I tend to wake up several times throughout the night. There were times that I can have sufficient number of sleeping hours but still I woke up feeling physically and mentally tired. Since I switched to the StatFree® mattress, having a good night’s sleep is made possible. It feels like as though the mattress absorbs all my stress away, leaving me feeling relaxed physically and mentally. Ever since, I made a point to go home as soon as I can because I have a quality comfortable bed waiting for me.
JY Teng
Film Director / Script Writer